After helping find emails on Weiner’s device, Preet Bharara launches joint U.S./FBI investigation into Clinton Foundation

29Oct - by The AntiGlobalist - 0 - In News

Preet Bharara, five years into his tenure as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, in New York, Aug. 7, 2014. Bharara, the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan, has investigated corruption, Rikers Island violence, terrorism and insider trading; now he is taking on Gov. Andrew Cuomo. (Todd Heisler/The New York Times)

(InvestmentWatchBlog) The same tough crime fighting US Attorney for the State of New York, PREET BHARARA, who is investigating Anthony Weiner’s sex scandal, has also launched a joint U.S./FBI Investigation into the CLINTON FOUNDATION.  BHARARA is known for going after the bad guys and winning.  I believe is going after Weiner to get to the Clintons and their Foundation.  This man gets what he goes after, and it is said that the Clintons fear him.


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