Media Fail: Trump Beats Obama In Presidential Poll

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(The Daily Wire/Nolte) This isn’t an easy piece for me to write, being as that I’m exhausted from all the winning. If you recall, that was a promise Donald Trump made to us —  you know, that if we elected him President of these here United States, we would eventually become exhausted from all the winning. The man has not even been sworn in, and I am already wiped out.

All this economic optimism is exhausting. Watching all these jobs saved and created is taxing my 50-year-old system to the brink. Opening up my year-end IRA statement and jumping up and down for two hours over the stock market Trump-Bump — holy moly, I need a nap.

And just when I think I’m catching my wind, there is this amazing piece of news…

Voters Want Trump to Concentrate On Jobs

Oh, sorry.

My bad.

That’s not The News.

That is the bland headline under which the leftwing Politico hid The News — actually they buried it screaming alive under almost a dozen mind-numbing paragraphs filled with information no one cares about. Basically, the entire Politico piece reads like this…

Trump’s inauguration speech, will take place minutes after noon Eastern Time, a Friday, the third of the month when the equinox touches Aries in its gravitational wave outside of Uranus and Trump beats Obama in our head-to-head poll, but 49 percent say they won’t plan on watching Trump’s speech, while 14 percent aren’t sure.

Wait? Stop. What was the middle thing again?

Did Politico just say it conducted a poll where voters chose Trump over Obama for president?

Because when you consider the fact that both Obama and Trump have been publicly claiming thatthey would beat the other, that seems like news to me.

Why, yes — yes, Politico did conduct that poll and Trump does beat Obama 45% to 44%:

The poll also shows voters evenly divided on a recent point of contention: whether they would rather have President Barack Obama continue for a third term – which is prevented by the 22nd Amendment limiting presidents to two terms — or whether they want Trump to take office this year. Forty-five percent of voters say they want Trump to serve as president for the next four years, while 44 percent want Obama to continue as commander-in-chief.

Of course Politico buried this news. The national media always smothers Narrative Killers.

Look around, what are we being told over and over and over again? That the Evil Unpopular Trump lost the popular vote and Precious Obama is bounding out of office with a public approval rating over 50%.

And those stats are correct.

But what is also true is that only 44% of the American people want to suffer through a third term with Super Popular President SlowGrowth.

What is also true is that after 18 months of the media savaging Trump and 8 years of this very same media licking Obama’s boots, covering up his sins, and grading him on a curve, Evil Trump still beats Obama the Sun God.

Man, I gotta sit down.

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